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Hi yall, I’m looking to trade this beautiful repro cart! Here’s a list of things that I’m looking for

-Japanese Sega Saturn (the white one) and games (oh baby)

-Phantasy Star II-V

-Super Famicom

-GBA player for gamecube

-Metroid Fusion

-Flash Carts

-Wii Games

-JRPG’s for PS1 + PS2

-Anything else you have to offer really, I’m pretty open to whatever but the items listed above are particularly juicy :}

With awkward platonic love

-Supa Hot Fiya

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pm me, I have the gba player for the gamecube, could talk about what else you’re looking for!

Which reproduction is this? Is this the cart from the CIB only release that was available on Uncle Tusk’s site or is this from another source? Would it be possible to see a photo of the PCB?



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