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This is a really silly question but I looked for it and I didn’t find the answer : I sometimes play Virtual Boy lying on a bed/sofa (the eyeshade on my eyes with the stand resting on my chest) and I was wondering if it was dangerous for the system itself as there is a lot of fragile stuff in it (mainly thinking about the oscillating mirrors)…

So is it safe to play VB like this, doesn’t it damages the system or something ? (maybe not but I prefer asking)

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Doing it the same way and so far it still works fine.

Should be fine if u dont move around alot in resting position, i dunno how people actually find it comfortable resting, like i tried it on my bed with the stand on my chest and the eyeshade around my eyes but as i breathe it fogged up the eye peices, i mean that was when i was playing it wen i should of been in bed and was being as quiet as possible, il give it another shot

any techniques though into finding a relaxing position playing it on ya bed or couch?

the eyeshade doesnt seem strong enough either as the virtual boy starts pushing onto my nose and hurts 😛 lol

should be fine though…..

wen i got my virtual boy it said it worked and no glitchy display or anything but when it was on a 2 week trip from america to australia in a box being thrown around it mustnt of done it much good as the right eye got glitchy lol but fixed it… the virtual boy was secure in the box

yeh thats my 5 cents and any tips would be kool im normaly just playing mine on my desk and get a shorter seat out to play it

Every once in awhile I’ll lie in bed on my back for those sleepy VB sessions. The only bother to me is the weight of the VB unit pushing the edges of the eye-shade against my face.


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