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Hello. My virtual boy stand recently broke. What happened is the hinge that holds the console snapped off the cylinder piece that allowed the console’s vertical angle too be adjusted. I can’t find anywhere that I can get a stand from, and they’re pretty expensive when you find them on eBay. What’s the best way to fix it (Super glue doesn’t work, apparently), or what’s a good alternative?

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That happened to me a while back. I originally tried to fix it by Gorilla gluing a small piece of wood to the stand to keep the two parts together, but it didn’t bond well with the plastic, so I tried super glue. Eventually, I got it to stick, after some help. Try adding a small piece of wood to help stabilize it. If that doesn’t work, try using a substitute (a medium sized cardboard box works well) to help it stay at eye level. If all else fails, buy a whole different Virtual Boy off of eBay, because it’s not much more expensive than a plain old stand.


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