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so there are some interesting games (No More Heroes, the Orange Box, etc.) that I want to play but they are rated M and I am not 18 yet, I heard that with a parents permission you can purchase and play these games but my question is how could I bring it up and make them consider it?

I don’t believe they’ve ever have been too fickle about the ratings (I got to play “Loaded” (M rated) for the Playstation 1 when I was not even a Teen before) but I didn’t ask to purchase that one I was just offered to play it before

Anyways I’m not one who will go out and kill everyone just cause I saw it on a videogame and un-real blood/violence does not scare me and the only time I used a videogame as an example was when I was playing Rayman before and saw a lot of plums and thought “hey I want to try eating plums” 😛

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I’ve played doom since I was 3 (and actually made many lvls, though I can’t remember if I used godmode or not :rolleyes )and still haven’t slaughtered anyone.

I’d say order online so, uh, You’re parents don’t have to go through that much trouble and that’d make it easier for them to agree with you on any discussion there might be.


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