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I’ve been pondering lately about the different options for viewing 3D images from a single screen. Aside from the parallax barrier technology employed by the 3DS, I wonder if there are any other options? The ‘wobble’ 3D effect is used to show a pseudo 3D image by toggling back and forth between the 2 different perspectives viewed by each of your eyes. I am wondering if you sped up the frame rate so that its not noticeable by your eyes, could you use the same ‘wobble’ technique to view 3D images as well as you can with stereo displays? This would also allow people who have lost the use of 1 eye to view 3D images. I have a syndrome where my left eye can move in every direction except to the left which makes me see double when I look to the left (my right eye moves left just fine, but my left eye continues to look straight ahead). Thoughts?

Wobble effect example

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Sorry for double posting. My logic is entirely flawed. This is what happens when I break my rule of not posting while stoned.


Number 4 and 17 of those pics look really good though.

As long as you’re stoned, build a holographic display!


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