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Hey everyone,
A local collector friend of mine recently got a steal on a CIB Mario’s Tennis on FB Marketplace (around $50 shipped).
It came, and it is legit. However, there is one thing I was curious about.
Inside the box was a cart baggie. I have never seen another one of these with one.
This makes me wonder if they came sealed like other VB games, or maybe not, I just know I’ve never seen one with the cart baggie. This also came from the original owner and not from a reseller or anyone who could have added the bag etc to make it more enticing.

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Are you talking about the US or Japanese version of Mario’s Tennis? The US version was never sold in a box, because it was the pack-in title when you bought the system. Nintendo did print a limited number of Mario’s Tennis boxes (without any inserts), but they were strictly for store display purposes at places like GameStop. So if your friend got a “CIB” US Mario’s Tennis, it’s because someone got a demo box, and put a cart in it. As for a baggie around the cart, I believe that every US (and Japanese) game came from the factory that way.

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