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This maybe older news, but we never made an official announcement.

Quality, mass produced, reproduction, VB connectors is now reality. And quite sure we are the first to get this done in a large scale.

This was a joint effort of Vintex 64 team and a professional Connector supplier. It involved many meetings, shipping the supplier a VB, design, development, validation, negotiations, waiting for production capacity, & COVID-19 delays.

As many existing Vintex 64 customers know we been selling this connector for over 6 months, but we finally have large stock of connectors this January. So be plenty for large orders & anyone who is interested in any. The connector tooling is rated for million+ capacity; so I think that should last for little while.

We like to personal thank some PVB members who supported us! Those who help validate the design & another who shipped us his broken VB; which was re-shipped right to the connector supplier engineering department. They kept it by the way.

The tooling cost was quite heavy, hence why pricing bit high per connector on our website. We hope to pay off the tooling in a year or two then can lower connector prices for the future.

Please note, if anyone plans to design a new VB game shell/case please note depending on you dimensions for connector fit our connector maybe tighter than OEM connector. Yet, with original OEM our connector works just fine.

Additional thanks go to our customers and the connector supplier to make this happen!

Sorry, due to confidential connectors being made in the supplier factory we could not get a video of connector being made. Yet, see link below for pictures:

News about our new injection molded shells coming soon. The last/final step to full reproduction VB carts.

All the best,

The Vintex 64 Team

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