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I bought used stuff, it was a box and a complete set of VB hardware without the manual and a complete Mario’s Tennis – the Japanese version.

When they were sold once for 15 years ago weren’t Mario’s Tennis included and wasn’t it a completely packed US-version (with the US VB:s)?

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Mario’s Tennis was included (but unboxed) with US Virtual Boys. It wasn’t included at all in Japan.

US VBs came with Mario’s Tennis, yes, though only the cart. The boxes were made only for display at Blockbuster. Hence the “For Display Only” on the boxes.

Japanese VBs had no pack-in game at all.

20 seconds, Dan, 20 seconds… 😀

So the “For Display Only” is printed on the box and is not a sticker?

And this is the only type of box that exists for US Mario’s Tennis?

Yes, the Mario’s Tennis box was just a display box for Blockbuster, and is printed on the box. The game was never sold seperately new in the US, so it never had a real box.

The display boxes were sold w/ the carts when Blockbuster cleared out their rentals.


So how many Blockbuster stores were there? They should have had at least one each…


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