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I have finally replaced all those Virtual Boy promo videos with near perfect rips, which are totally unresized from their Laser Disc/VHS sources now, at 700×468 pixels, and only “lightly” encoded in Xvid to preserve their original image quality. If you want the full image quality, download them instead of watching them online. Links below.

This is just an appetizer for a bunch of REALLY great stuff coming soon. Stay tuned.

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I looked at the first one, seemed very blocky, but perhaps it’s bandwidth dependent?

As said in the news update, download the Xvid. The streaming FLV version is blocky by nature. I wish it would be possible to stream AVIs…

awesome. i was just watching some of those earlier today. will we be able to download all of them in one batch?

No, that’s not possible. But you can use the “Show all” Button on the Videos section of any game’s Multimedia page to have all videos shown at once, and so have all direct download links on one site.

is this just an appetizer? What does it mean? I caaaan’t waaait

What equipment did you use to transfer them?

I did not do it myself, we once bought them on a DVD from Neil Schuldenfrei.

Who’s Neil Schuldenfrei?

Elite VB collector:

(He did not really post his awesome collection here, though, only the obvious part)


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