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Hello i have the display box fore Virtualboy Mario tennis. But it has faded colours in the fromt of the box? Then i check with pictures here and the box look the same but the bottom off the box seems diffrent. Not bu colours or anything but the cutting of the papper looking weird conpaired to the scanned mario tennis display box that its scaned her.

I want to know if any have it on your boxes or its the box a copy?

Thanks fore answer

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The top of the box dose have a weird black line to?

How about some pics?



Here is one of those boxes i did buy but this won isent mine but from the same man and same box. Also i have aded a picture of the black line.

I dont want any one get angry at me becaus i ask qustion about this deal. I dont want to get rip off


picture 2 from the bottom of the box

Box that hase been scaned fore vr32


I purchased one from someone recently as well. I also noticed that black line on the flap and that the cardboard the box is made out of is white instead of brown/gray. Is yours made of the same material?

I think it is just because these were not retail boxes. You can never be too sure, though. I would like to hear from others who have Mario Tennis US boxes as well.

I don’t see the difference… that looks like the typical display box. Isn’t the black line just the box lid that’s open and flapped over the front?


Yeah, it is. The thing I was wondering about was the white cardboard.

About the folding at the bottom: Maybe it is just folded wrong? I bet you can unfold it and put it back together so it looks like that scanned box.

And the black line, does it have a corresponding offset in the print around the other edges of the box?

I recently bought a used Wario Land (Game Boy) and I got a little hesitant about it being genuine too. A couple millimeters of the sides color are visible on the front, and in general the print seems to be offset a bit from the cutting. The image is also slightly blurry and faded. But I don’t know, maybe even nintendo has varying quality on their boxes in different batches of the game?

My box is also made of white material.

i got mine from someone different than you so i’m sure our boxes are legit if they’re both the same.

Sounds good. Now i can feel harmeny 🙂

Any idé how many Mario tennis boxes are they out there? How many was made?

i have no idea. i wonder how many of those and the red alarm / wario demo carts were made

thats verry intressting questions i fink. It have been nice with more sell info of diffrent games and stuff.

But i dont fink we will se nummbers of sold games and so.

They could have prepared these for a larger area than just the US… But perhaps there are some figure for how many Nintendo distributors there were in the US in ’95? Should be something close to that perhaps?

You guys made me bust out my display box 🙂 and yes on both counts. It has the black line on the top and its white cardboard on the inside. Now I have to figure out how to put this back into the plastic wrap I had over it…hrms


Gonna need to get me a box like that as well 🙂

The boxes are very real, but they obviously were just for display. A cool item for the collection, but don’t hold your breathe waiting for a demo Tennis cart to match. 😉

I’m slightly a noob when it comes to collecting Virtual Boy stuff… so let me get this straight…

‘Mario’s Tennis’ came prepackaged with each Virtual Boy system when purchased brand new, correct?

So, was the game ever officially sold separately in a standard box?

I read through the thread, and it is slightly unclear to me if official sealed CIB copies of this game were ever sold.

It seems that the original intent of this thread, was to gather opinions as to the legitimacy of the display boxes that were or were not produced for ‘display purposes only’.

Thanks for any clarifications.

In USA it was shipped with the unit so it wasn’t sold separately there. In Japan it was sold separately and not included with the unit – as far as I know.

I’m still curious though how it was packed when shipped in the V.B.-box…

In the US the cart and manual were tucked in with the rest of the packaging. The display boxes were used on the shelves at Blockbuster and a few game stores. That’s why most of them are either faded from the sun or have stickers on them.


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