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On the game pages you can now find meta scores under the “Reviews” tab. Those are the average score a game got in professional reviews, like in magazines back in the days. I also updated the database with many new reviews.

There’s also many new article scans. A huge lot of french articles from abandonware-magazines.org makes a start: Player One 12/94 and 06/95, Banzzai 01/95, Top Consoles 08/95, Ultra Player 03/95 and Super Power 11/94, 01/95, 02/95, 03/95, 06/95, 07/95, 09/95, 04/96, 07/96 and 10/11/96. Then there’s mexican Club Nintendo 09/95 and 03/96, found on RevistaGamer.com, the Official Nintendo Magazine 01/10 thanks to Hedgetrimmer and Dave_ and GameFan issues Vol.3 Issue 1, Vol.3 Issue 11, Vol.4 Issue 1 and Vol.4 Issue 7, thanks to scott.p.

Last but not least, have a look at this nice title screen of the Wario Cruise E3 ’95 prototype.


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nice finds. where did that wario image come from? also, i didn’t know there was a bomberman game that far along in production. too bad…

There’s a not-bad VB article in Retro Gamer magazine’s Videogame Hardware Handbook, published last December. It quotes Chris, and mentions Reality Boy, Planet Virtual Boy, and Flash Boy.

There are still copies in newsagents, and it’s also available to buy online:



Do you have a scan? 🙂

No, but skip to 9:37 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEBNLpbszN4

Oh, this looks very nice, I am thinking about buying it. Thanks for the info! 🙂

Apparently the book is a collection of articles previously published in the monthly magazine.

I knew it looked familiar… It’s this one then:


Yep, that’s it. I only had a brief look at it in the shop.


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