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I was reading http://www.digitpress.com/faq/vboyfaq.txt and there were some good points

Q. How does it compare to previous 3-D game systems?
A. It beats Vectrex in total games and quality. Vectrex used goggles with a
a rotating, color wheel which showed ghost images a lot of times. It
beats TOMY 3-D. Tomy closely looked somewhat like a kids 3D pop-up book.
Very litle background detail. Sega had what looked like a pair of
hip-looking sun glasses which were connected via card port. A shutter
mechanism in each lens was in sync with the on screen action. Similar to
the Vectrex. From what I’ve seen so far, it looked pretty good. I cant’t
comment on Nintendo’s Japanese 3-D system since they’re rarer than hen’s
teeth. It defintely beats the NES 3-D games. Rad Racer was too dark with
the 2 color glasses even when it was daylight. Orb 3-D was dizzying. 3-D
World Runner came out the best, but wasn’t too spectacular.

Q. Are the US and Japanese versions of the same game alike?
A. Most are alike except for the obvious language differences in text.
The packaging is similar in most of the cases. Jack Bros. (Japan) has
Jack Ripper as the third character. The manual is done in portrait format.
Jack Bros. (US) has Jack Skelton as the third character. The manual is
done in the usual landscape format. Virtual Force (Japan) is supposedly
more difficult than the (US) version. Nester’s Funky Bowling & Virtual
Bowling are different. Virtual Bowling is a more serious game than Nester.
Besides the name change the baseball games have different looking players
and password systems. The box for T&E Golf (Japan) has a 3-D stereogram.
One of those computer generated pictures where you have to let your eyes
go slightly out of focus to see. No hidden picture, just layers of trees.

Q. What do you think of the VB as an investment?
A. It looks like a blue chip investment. It should achieve cult status if it
hasn’t already. It should become the next “VECTREX”. A stand-alone system
with a small diverse quality library that had a very short life span.
Already some of the rarer Japan only games are selling for many times over
their original cost.

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ummmm… what’s all this for? We all pretty much know this stuff already. It is Planet Virtual Boy after all.

Useless topic if you ask me , everybody already knows this… 😐

I did not find anywhere on here or on virtual-boy.org about this, for me it was new to hear for example japanese and usa versions ar a bit diffrent

Okay , then i guess it’s nice to share it with us ^_^

But i guess we are all experts of everthing related to the Virtual Boy XD 😎

not me xd


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