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Hi Everyone,
I am Morintari,s wife. I know how much he loves this group. He is in the hospital right now with a bowel obstruction, that they are trying to treat without surgery. They will decide if their treatment worked and if surgery is needed in two days. Please pray for him. This group means so much.Thank you.

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Oh no! I hope he gets well and recovers soon! Stay strong, the two of you. Sending my love and positive thoughts. <3

At least it wasn’t the tornado!

I send My good wishes and wish him all helth he Can get. I hope fore the best.
I send him a few Link hearts as well


What the hell, I talked to him yesterday. I hope everything turns out fine.

Best wishes.

Hope everything goes well.


Best wishes and good health. I hope everything goes well.

Best wishes! Which is pretty much the same as prayer anyway.

Bowel obstruction… sounds painful. I sincerely hope he gets better soon.

Aww man, that doesn’t sound fun.

Hope they can get it sorted without surgery! If they need to do that I do hope that goes as smooth as possible.

Get well soon!

I’ve unfortunately experiencing the terrible pain from this exact situation. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Praying everything goes well for him.

Don’t worry, Morintari.

Dr. Mario will take good care of you!

Hope you get well soon though, rest up!


I hope for the very best for you. I’m glad your wife was kind enough to inform us.

I’m sorry to hear that, Morintari! :C
But, I know you’re a tough cookie and will pull through with flying colors!
Get well soon!!

I have sent up some prayers for him, too.

I hope he gets well soon!

Time again to stop stalking the site and start posting! I’m really glad that as a community we can be transparent with each other and share these things, and that everybody on the site is kind enough to reply; that said, I really do hope he gets better ASAP! 🙂

Sending best wishes and thoughts for a quick return to health!

Get well soon ! I hope everything will be alright!

I wish you all the best. Get well soon.

All the best wishes from the Netherlands, hope you get well soon.


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