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Kevin Mellott has announced MultiBoy 32, the first ever Virtual Boy multicart! It comes equipped with an SD card slot and can store up to 32 games of up to 32 Mbit each on its internal 1 Gbit flash chip. A battery-free MRAM chip adds standard-sized SRAM for each of the 32 game slots, and is connected through a full 16bit bus width instead of the original cartridges’ 8bit width.


  1. Flash space: 32 slots of 32Mbit RAM via a 1Gbit Flash.
  2. RAM space: 256k x 16 SRAM space (8k x 16 per slot) using MRAM (no battery needed).
  3. Full 16bit SRAM bus instead of the production 8bit width.
  4. On board 32bit microcontroller (MCU) for programming slots.
  5. USB input for interfacing and control.
  6. Games loaded via SD card slot.
  7. On screen game selection.
  8. Arduino compatible MCU (custom firmware development if you’re so inclined).

The cart should be out this summer, at a price of around a reasonable $150. But the price ultimately depends on the number of preorders, so make sure to share your enthusiasm for this amazing piece of hardware! Check out the announcement thread for all the yummy info.

MultiBoy 32 PCB

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Great news, exactly what we want!

YAY! this is splendid news, I can hardly believe it! Been waiting for something like this to come for ages, many thanks from all us VB geeks!

I’d be in on one of these!

This is great news, I have emailed you 🙂


VERY interested on this. Are you taking deposits or payments? Want one for sure.

Oh Damn! I would definitely be interested! 😕 😕 😕 😀 😀 😀


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