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I just completed schematic entry and PCB design on a Virtual Boy Multicart design I’m calling MultiBoy 32.
Specs first and then some more discussion.

1. Flash space: 32 slots of 32Mbit RAM via a 1Gbit Flash.
2. RAM space: 256k x 16 SRAM space (8k x 16 per slot) using MRAM (no battery needed).
3. Full 16bit SRAM bus instead of the production 8bit width.
4. On board 32bit microcontroller (MCU) for programming slots.
5. USB input for interfacing and control.
6. Games loaded via SD card slot.
7. On screen game selection themed around my 8bit VB character Do-Do.
8. Arduino compatible MCU (custom firmware development if you’re so inclined).

MultiBoy name for obvious reasons. Several reasons for the 32 number. There will be 32 slots of 32Mbit for a total of 1Gbit Flash (ROM) space. Also 256k x 16 of SRAM space which is divided among the 32 slots to give 8k x 16 (close to the production cart SRAM space of 8k x 8 but wider bus width). The microcontroller on board is also 32bit (cheaper than comparable 8 bit, faster to program slots, built in USB). I’ll probably run the MCU at 32MHz just for fun.

I have a stretch goal of using the USB port as a built in USB link cable as well. Hardware hooks are in place. Firmware should work but some details will need testing.

The reason I’m announcing now is because the board is dense, and with several BGAs, there will be NO hand assembling of these units. I will have to get this assembled by my PCB house and that means knowing up front how many to order.

So if you think this is something you’re interested in, then please let me know. Only collecting an email list for now. Please email me at mellottsvrpage@gmail.com . How many get ordered will affect the pricing. Can’t commit to a price at the moment but based on my experience with VB projects and the current BOM cost, think ~$150. More details to follow.

Timeline, we’re probably looking around 4-5 months from now. I also need the on-screen code for the title selection (volunteers?). Even 5 months might be aggressive if ducks don’t all line up. Think summer release. I will do a small 25 unit prototype run initially before doing the full hopefully ~100 unit production batch. Next steps are to get fabrication and assembly quotes.

Background on myself since not everyone may be familiar with me. I’ve been an R&D Electrical Engineer for the last 10 years. An electrical technician for 7 years before that. I’ve designed and/or built quite a few VB related projects in the last 3-4 years including: VB link cable, USB link cable, VB cart programmer, SNES to VB adapters, VB controller to PC adapters, first VB 128/256Mbit reprogrammable cart, 16Mbit reprogrammable cart, and others. Professionally I do system and electrical design for very high end head mounted displays and other AR/VR related gear. I’ve been designing and building VR related projects for over 20 years. I’ve maintained and updated http://www.mellottsvrpage.com with VR projects and reviews I’ve done since 1998.

So there it is. Lets see what the reaction is and if we can finally get a VB multicart built for the VB.


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Holyy crap, this is perfect, the ability to load the games via an SD card. Impressive work. I will be sending you an email.

Cheers – SM

I’m interested and sent you an email!

This is some fantastic work. If you’re desperate for customers hit me up, but I’d be happy to wait for upgrades to the design once it takes hold.

Mail sent! 🙂

mellott124 wrote:

I also need the on-screen code for the title selection (volunteers?)

I volunteer as tribute. 🙂

Oh this is really exciting! I hope this takes off. I sent you an email.

Email sent. Happy to help where I can.

You’ve brought so much life back into my VB these past few years! Thank you! I can’t wait for the MultiBoy 32!

Awesome news, hope to see more updates soon! 🙂

This sounds awesome, email in coming.

I couldn’t be more excited about this project. It will be amazing. Thanks so much for working on it. Sent an email. Let us know what you might need from he community.

Forgive my ignorance, but do those specs allow this to potentially play every commercial release? Meaning, is there any game that is “too big” to be able to run on this?

Email sent either way. 😀

Interested for sure, will send an email when I have a bit of time.

Aaaaaaand sent.

WOW! Just what we have been all waiting for!

Kevin you are a Star!!!!!!

Count me in for a unit 😎

e-mail sent.

I’m totally in for this. Email on its way.

So excited to hear this is finally coming!

Sounds amazing!
E-mail sent. 🙂

If you need any sprite work or anything, I might be able to help~!

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Email sent! Outstanding as always Kevin, can’t wait!


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