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I’m new here like my Virtual Boy which I got last week 🙂
I was born 1986 and the 90s were my best time playing video games. But I never had the chance to get a Virtual Boy. So my wish come true and I bought my VB for a good price. And now I’m here!

I preordered the Flashboy, because I only have one game at the moment: Virtual League Baseball. Funny game, but:

did you notice, that the German national anthem (at the team selection) is the wrong one? It plays the national anthem of “German Democratic Republic” which doesn’t exist anymore since 1990 in the end of the Cold War. I mean, the VB released in 1995 and in the game it is the original German flag… it’s really strange 🙂

Have a look at it.

So I hope to experience more interesting things here.

Thanks for reading!

Mal eine Frage an die Deutschen hier: ist es nicht gern gesehen oder sogar verboten hier im Forum auch mal auf deutsch zu schreiben?

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Welcome to PVB, SNK! The anthem issue is a known thing. That does not make it less weird, though. Embarrassing, Kemco!

P.S. Du kannst auch auf Deutsch posten, verboten ist’s natürlich nicht. Da aber die meisten hier kein Deutsch verstehen, kriegst du auf einen englischsprachigen Beitrag natürlich in der Regel mehr Resonanz.


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