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The only game i have is Mario Tennis, and the right d pad does nothing, what games use(or require) the 2nd dpad?

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Red Alarm


Thanks, btw ur a Metallica fan? They should make a Metallica homebrew game for Virtual Boy!

MasterOfPuppets wrote:

Thanks everyone for the info

Galactic Pinball uses it, but it does the same as the R button.

And if we extend this to homebrew games, Blox 2 uses it 🙂

Mario Clash; you can use it to throw a shell.

And, if we are including homebrew, my water demo uses it for moving the cursor without affecting the water’s surface. I think it’s a camera control or something in DogP’s Mario Kart game. And don’t forget reality_boy’s controller test demo (I know, kinda obvious… ;-)).

SD Gundam game uses it too, in the Gundam battle mode. Each direction activates a different attack iirc.

HorvatM schrieb:
And if we extend this to homebrew games, Blox 2 uses it 🙂

Plus VUE Snake for the Double Mode. 😉

And don’t forget for turning around in Yeti3D 😉

Galactic Pinball
Red Alarm

Welcome to June, in which month those games were already mentioned, GabrielHanson. 😉

Well all i can think of is… Teleroboxer.

You forgot Jack Bros.

To sum everything up to this post up:

Galactic Pinball
Jack Bros.
Mario Clash
Mario Tennis
Red Alarm
SD Gundam Dimension War

Blox 2
VUE Snake
Water Demo


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