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take your red/cyan 3D glasses and watch this in real 3D.
how you like it?

1st trye:

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another one………..


2nd one is good! 1st one doesn’t want to go 3D for some reason.

cool! how did you take them? do you own a stereo camera? i have no glasses here to view them right now, unfortunately.

I would like to have a 3D Camera in the future, but for now I take these 3D Pics with my normal Canon Powershot A620.
U need 2 different Pics,one for the left ,one for the right eye, with 65mm
space between them (like the space between your eyes)
The right one goes red the left one cyan and than put them together (translucent?) in Photoshop etc….
Or take this cool tool : Cranag 3D


I like this 3D Pics allot but these 3D movies make my eyes tired like playing 24 h VB 🙂
remember JAWS 3D ?? in german: Der Weisse Hai 3D.
It was my childhood-nightmare…

some more 3D Pics from my Canon:

p.s. sorry 4 my bad english…..

and some more…….

With a bit more care in registering the images, these would look really good! Also, since the VB (and related items) have a lot of red, you should think about reducing the saturation of the red channel somewhat, or switching to a monochrome anaglyph.

The best software I’ve found for manipulating stereo images is Stereo Photo Maker:


It has great alignment and color adjustment screens, and every output option you could ever need. It’s pretty easy to use, too.

And when you get ’em all sorted out, you should take a bunch of your pairs and make a slideshow app for the VB.

Yes it’s true with the red color it works not perfect.
But I have only this red/cyan glasses to trye the pics… 😎

Well, I didn’t mean you have to change glasses, just that you should compensate for the red color. There are ways to make a red/cyan anaglyph of a red image, with less retinal-rivalry and while still giving a sense of the red color of the object. Just look through the various options of the SPM software I linked to.


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