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Anyone got a junk VB unit they wanna sell for parts? I’m just looking for a left eye display cable, as long as that works I’m keen to buy. I currently live in Japan, but I’m out in the boonies, so finding any VB parts is proving difficult.

Thanks in advance!

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If your display is at all reparable, you should fix it, rather than killing another VB to make yours work. Since it’s the most likely thing to go out, it’d be hard to find another that has working displays but some other (irreparable) problem.

Even if you’ve tried repairing it and made it worse, it still may be salvageable. Post photos or a detailed description and maybe we can figure something out.

My left eye has horizontal scan lines. I’ve tried the oven method, and it did nothing. i tried several times, different temps, using clamps, no dice. I’m not comfortable doing the solder technique, my skills are somewhat lacking. However, I am happy to send the two cables to someone who could test and repair them using the advanced techniques. Also, noticed you have a non corroded battery pack for sale. Keen to add that to a package, were I to send you my dodgy parts?

PM sent 🙂



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