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Anyone heard of the Nerdy Nights tutorials? Really great and if anyone ever wrote such a tutorial for the VDBE, I would be thrilled. I went in with next to no programming experience and am at the point of being somewhat comfortable making images show up on the screen, sprites moving, horizontal scrolling levels, and music, but am still gaining an understanding of many topics, like memory mapping, and hardware functionality. This is all in 6502 Assembly, and the tutorial teaches you assembly as you go.

Do any VB Devs out there have comment on how transferable the skills would be between NES and VB development in assembly?

Is there a PPU and interrupt for vblank, and all that stuff?

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There’s a VB hardware reference made by Guy Perfect:

One of the main differences is the CPU. The VB has a 32-bit NEC V810 CPU (with a few custom instructions added). It’s essentially a cut-down MIPS CPU.

The Virtual Image Processor (VIP) has a 50 Hz interrupt used for timing. Note that the mirrors in the VB scan horizontally, instead of vertically.


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