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A new version of the gccVB compiler has been created by dasi. This is still version 2.95 like the last release from 2007, but has added bitstring and NVC instructions. It also comes precompiled, so all you have to do to is install Cygwin and drop the unzipped archive in your “/c/cygwin/usr/” folder.

Another release comes from RunnerPack. His VB ROM-image Shrinker utility is something like an “inverse padder” and allows you to shrink Virtual Boy ROMs to their smallest possible size (which still has to be a power of 2 of course).

Furthermore, you can find a TTF format font, modeled after the Virtual Boy one, made by RunnerPack here.

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I found out something kind of interesting that’s semi-related to this: the versions of GCC and GNU Binutils in gccVB are the exact same versions included on the BeOS Developer Edition 1.1 CD.

Just for fun, I may try to build gccVB under BeOS. Too bad the emulators and FlashBoy software don’t work under BeOS 😛 (although RB and/or Mednafen [when the source is released] might build with a bit of work).


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