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I’m new here and just wanted to say hi.

I’ve been intrigued by the Virtual Boy ever since I tried it out 23 years ago at a Toys R Us somewhere in California. I remember being gravely disappointed back then. It wasn’t at all what I had expected. In my eleven year old brain I had envisioned an experience like the Occulus Quest of today. The hype had been immense (haha). A vague memory of me trying out Mario Clash is still etched in my brain and a price of around 200$ for the system. I could be mistaken here.

Anyway. Now the time has come to finally dive into VB collecting and my goal is primarily to collect the complete JPN library–and of course to get hold of a system too 🙂

I’m excited to join what seems like an awesome community and hope to contribute in any way I can.
(I might update this thread with Games and other Virtual Boy related stuff as I receive them).

I’ve been reading up on the system and checking the forum a bit but if you have any advice at all, in regards to collecting VB, please feel free to share it.

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Hi. Welcome. If you have a working VB, my first bit of advice would be to pick up a FlashBoy+. With it you can enjoy translations, hacks, homebrew, and of course the entire VB ROM library. It’s a great way to test things out before deciding which actual carts you must own!

I recommend that you give this article a read. It’s pretty much the 101 for VB history! =)


You found a great community. Cheers and have fun!


I will actually wait for the Multiboy 32.
Thank you for the article link, will definitely read that.

Welcome! You chose an awesome community to join! I’d love to hear your progress in collecting

Welcome, Falkor!

The Virtual Boy is a fun system to collect for. Once you realize it came out before the Gameboy Pocket you can start to see that it was actually a pretty good system for the time. Compared to the GB, it has a powerful chipset, better sound, and much crisper screens with no ghosting.

I’m sure you’ll have fun with it.

It’s fun, but dangerous to the wallet if you’re really serious about the JP library unless you’re loaded and just don’t care. Perhaps a bit less ambitious would be to start polishing off the US library. I got started at the very end of January this year and as of now I’ve got a few aftermarket pieces, but better yet I’m one short of the US library and just been waffling on buying the game (and no, it’s not Jack, I have it.)

It’s fun, and not too bad going after the US library depending the depth of the rabbit hole you’re chasing. But Japan, I hope you have thousands lying around as those last 4 games to come out for it get insane.

@Lester Knight: Read the article and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again for the link.

: Thank you! Cool, I´ll update in this thread then. I actually have a Virtual Boy console on the way with some games too.

: Thanks 🙂 Yeah, me too!

: Haha, no i´m not loaded. It´s not my intention to get all the games right away or anything. The complete JPN library of games is a long term goal.

What I meant was, that at least for now, I´m not really looking to get any of the homebrews in physical form (or any paraphernalia) as they seem to go for quite a lot of money. I also meant that I’ll go after the Japanese versions of the games, and not the american.

So…the first four games arrived: Golf, Panic Bomber, Vertical Force, and Virtual League Baseboll 95. Vertical Force and Panic Bomber seems to be new (supposed to be never played). The two others are in ok shape. No worries, as I have other copies on the way (as part of a bundle I won). It’s a weird feeling gently opening a new old game box. I mean, these boxes and games are about 25 years old but still in mint condition!

Golf, PB and VF i got from the same seller through Tradera (Swedish Ebay). My goal was actually to get four Virtual Boy games he was selling but I missed out on Mario´s Tennis as I wasn’t paying attention (haha). In hindsight that is totally fine as the box was not in great shape anyway.
It was late in the evening on the 21st of July, when I sat down by my computer. I had been eagerly awaiting the auctions to end–or to almost end, I should say. You see, I was planning on using my, in no way original, well used tactic of “sniping” to aquire the four games I had my mind set on (MUHA HA HA!).

As the count down drew closer to around 60 seconds, my heart was beating faster and faster. Were these forgotten old games meant to be the start of my Virtual Boy collection or would the dream continue to be just that–a dream? Time would tell, and it would tell it very soon.

60s: Time to get ready. I hit refresh.
30s: My palms were sweaty.
24s: One last refresh. Knees weak.
15s: My arms were heavy.
10s: …
9s: …
8s: …MOM´S SPAGHETTI…I HIT “Lägg bud”!(bid).
0s: Auction won!
And that…is the story of how Vertical Force was won, at 23:05 local time. It felt great! Now it was only a matter of repeating the procedure with the other games, which in the end, resulted in three won games and the start of a Virtual Boy collection.

VLB 95 was ordered from Retrogames (UK) as I also wanted their Retrogames Magazine issue #22 which features an article on the VB, which I have yet to read.

I got the Nintendo Power issue 75 from Ebay a while ago. The cards are still attached to the magazine, but it’s missing the glasses and the poster.

Grattis! Särskilt Panic Bomber och Vertical Force av dem där är kul spel! 😉

DanB wrote:
Grattis! Särskilt Panic Bomber och Vertical Force av dem där är kul spel! 😉

Tack ska du ha! Jag väntar bara på att konsolen ska dyka upp nu 🙂
[eng] Thank you! I´m just waiting for the console to arrive now 🙂 [/eng]

Welcome 😀


I have a few duplicates of Japanese games that I might be willing to part with if interested.
PM what your’e after/missing in that case and I’ll check.

Living in south Sweden.

@Minggus: Thank you! 🙂

@Patrik: Thanks! I have a couple of bundles on the way so I will wait until those have arrived until I get more games. I really appreciate the help though!

The latest addition: Red Alarm. Ordered it from Japan via Ebay. Too bad about the tax (wasn´t sure about how much the tax was going to be but now I know), but the price was still ok. It´s a nice feeling unboxing an almost 25 year old game 🙂


So the VB arrived today! Right away I noticed it was kind of loose in the box which had me worried (as it didn´t come with the cardboard). It was wrapped up pretty good in bubble wrap though.

A disappointing thing, after inspecting the parts closer, which was not mentioned in the auction or visible in the photos, is a hairline crack in the center plastic part. Also, Golf (which was included), had just been thrown in the console-box without any protection whatsoever, which has resulted in a dented game-box. I will of course talk to the seller about these issues.

Other than that I´m very happy with the VB. I started up Red Alarm and damn, it´s a much better experience than what I expected! 😀 It´s really awesome. My neck, which is already not super, will take a beating though so I will have to figure out a solution for that. I saw a tripod mount on Ebay which I might get.

Some questions:

1) Is the IPD dial supposed to be kind of hard to turn? (feels thick, for lack of a better word to describe it).
2) The screens seems perfectly fine. I can´t see any issues. I assume it´s still a good idea to get the “solder fix” or should I wait until they start giving me problems?
3) Do you think the hairline crack on the plastic part will get worse if I use the stand while playing?


The console really is better then people make it out to be. For something from 1995, it’s got nice crisp screens, decent graphics power and sound capabilities. It also just feels so Nintendo like =P I still really like mine, even years later.

1: The IPD knob is usually a bit stiff, or “weighty”, that’s normal.
2: It’s always a good idea to solder fix for future proofing but nothing wrong with waiting till they give you issues, or waiting until you’re ok with not using it for a while. I’d just enjoy your system for now since you just got it 🙂
3: Is the crack in the stand “medallion”? (the center part with Nintendo on it). If so, then yes, more use will make the crack worse. However, to mitigate this issue on mine I used a small black zip tie and wrapped it just under the medallion. Tighten it enough so that it takes the stress off the stand. After this you can use it without worry of making the crack worse.

@speedyink: Exactly, it’s on the medallion. Thank you for the tip! I did a “zip tie fix”! Clever. I will probably wait a little while before I send it off, but I actually started noticing some glitching while playing, which I suspect has to do with the ribbon cables.

I have mostly played Red Alarm and am currently trying to get past the stage 3 bosses 😁 It’s cool.

No problem!
I’ve got two VB’s I need to get solder fixed. On the one the problem only really crops up when there’s a lot of stuff on the screen, simpler scenes it seems to be unnoticeable. I definitely gotta get around to doing it though, i’ve been putting it off too long!

I love Red Alarm, it’s one of my favorite games for the system. I already have a thing for vector graphics but Red Alarm just takes them and the atmosphere to the next level, so well done!

@speedyink: I played the VB for a while today testing out my new games (see below) and didn’t notice any glitching so not sure what’s up with that, but I’ll get the console fixed in due time anyway.
I totally agree about Red Alarm. I had seen footage of the game prior to playing it, and based on that, I thought it was going to be really confusing. It wasn’t, when I actually tried it out for myself.

I received a bundle of games (Red Alarm, Panic Bomber, Vertical Force, Golf, Baseball 95, Mario’s Tennis, Teleroboxer, Galatic Pinball, V-Tetris and Space Squash) the other day which I got for a really good price. I also got Wario Land from the same seller for an ok price.
It was 1:19 AM local time.
Had I slept at all? I wasn’t sure.
It didn’t matter though, because I was wide awake now. No time for snoozing.
In approximately three minutes my virtual Boy collection would either grow significantly or remain humble.
1:22 AM. The last minute was upon me.
Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
Soon it was all to be over, and I would either go back to sleep with a smile on my face,
or lay wide awake long into the night, pondering what I could have done different.
10 seconds left. SONIC BOOM! I entered my max bid, and lo and behold–another auction won!

Another day, another night,
some more games won in an exciting fight.
Now–time to sleep. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!
Beside the games, I also got the VB headphones via a Dutch game site. The box is in really good shape, as are the headphones.

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