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So same old story from just about everyone. Need cash money, found a thing to sell.

Dug out some old boxes and found my Virtual Boy and all my games minus 1 dust cover (planning to 3d print one to ship with)

Bought some “AA” batteries and hooked it up to notice, the years have not been nice to it. There is a mild contact issue with the battery pack and controller preventing power “sometimes” I haven’t looked into it yet, but I figure one of the old spring tension contacts isn’t quite contacting or has some corrosion on it, not a big deal, easy fix. (*edit even before posting, I was correct. A little flat head screwdriver to apply a gentle force to push them ‘out’ combined with some 91% rubbing alcohol rubbing both sides of the contacts, did the trick just fine)

But then I looked into the unit and noticed the left eye is blank. Quick few searches and here I am. I don’t have the income to ship it out to have it fixed (the rates aren’t really the issue, it’s the shipping back and forth on top of them) so I figured I’d try to see how much it was really worth.

Ebay.. is all over the place, some units selling a “for parts or repair only” for over $200, sometimes $30. Seems it can’t figure out a fair price either.

Unit was kept in a smoke free environment all it’s existence, last 10 or so years in a Rubbermade storage container.

Games List: Galactic Pinball, Wario Land, Mario Tennis, Red Alarm, Golf

Comes with Console (with foam eye shield), Controller, Stand, all games, all dust covers (-1 that is missing, but I usually keep 1 game in console anyway so it never bugged me too much), Battery Box, but batteries are sadly NOT included. (story of my childhood) all original parts. (I never bought anything for it besides games)

Anyone have any estimates on value? Would I be better off listing on Ebay since it has the bad left eye?

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I am by no means an expert on the VB, however, for a time I was watching eBay almost daily. What I can tell you is that I often see damaged units (usually just requiring soldering) with no games and often no controller/stand, for around $30-50 (with shipping). Your value will be in the complete package, and especially in your games, the eye shade, and the stand (if it is 100% complete). If you sell it to someone from this site, you will most likely be giving it a good home.

Cheers and good luck!

It’s 100% like it came out of the box years ago – except of course it’s been played (a lot… galactic pinball with the Metroid Mini-game was my favorite..) has some dust, minor wear/damage (scratches/scuffs, but not on eye area)

So it has the original controller, battery pack, stand, light shroud all with it. The shroud was slightly warped, but setting it up and letting it sit seems to have straightened it out.

The only issue is the left eye non-functional at all (not glitchy/offset, completely blank) otherwise I’d list it as a “fully working used unit”

Ebay is a bit all over when it comes to the complete unit but not so wide as you put it. A broken bare headpiece is like $50 plus or minus a little bit. A complete unit though as it came from the box (vb, stand, eye shade/clip, tennis, battery box) those aren’t hard to value when unfixed but a fairly easy to peg value would be $150~ because a solder fixed unit would double the value as they can and will sell at $300.

Yet you have a few games, bundling cuts value but not grossly as VB is a small library and desired with smaller numbers to go around. I would think if you just said $200-225 someone would snap it up and just fix it themselves or send it off if they intended to keep it, for resale, nope but for keeps yes.


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