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Anyone know we’re i can get a replacement LED lens or ribbon cable? Mine is pretty much destroyed, and I have no way to fix it.

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depends on how destroyed it is, it still could be salvageable. if the LED board is still salvageable, you could wire it up physically with wires, which would work like a soldered VB, so it would last longer and keep it from having any display issues due to the glue originally used to keep the VB ribbon cable in place. Unfortunately there’s no alternatives to the LED board or LED’s, if that’s shot, you’d unfortunately have to get another whole VB unit for new LED boards to donor.

Here’s an article about alternatives to the cable, unfortunately RetroDan isn’t making replacement cables anymore to my knowledge, and there’s no guide on how to solder new wires up, but it can give you an idea on how it’s done:

Contact NES Freak. He can replace the ribbon, the lens, or both.


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