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Planet Virtual Boy just switched to a new main domain, http://www.planetvb.com.

Although we and the site grew up with the old domain, http://www.vr32.de, and I feel strongly connected to it, I still think that our domain should match the site name. Furthermore, a .de domain for a multi language, international site with a mainly english speaking community just does not fit so much.

You don’t have to wave goodbye to vr32.de, though. If you prefer the shortness and uniqueness of the old domain, you can still use it, it now simply redirects to the new one.

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I really like the new name of the site :-). Im still going to get onto the site through the vr32.de address but thats just beacause I to feel very attached to the name. Im really glad to see how this site has been around for almost ten years now, and its still going strong. Keep up the great work Krisse :-D.


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