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ROM dumps of the last 4 undumped games for the Virtual Boy have been released! Those are:

  • SD Gundam Dimension War (J)
  • Space Invaders Virtual Collection (J)
  • Virtual Bowling (J)
  • Virtual Lab (J)

So now every VB game ever released has been dumped and released. Check out the corresponding forum thread for discussion and downloads.

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It was about time ….
“Shags” I own you a big : “THANK YOU ” :thumpup:

You don’t actually owe shags anything… all he did was distribute ROMs that he probably agreed not to… and then claimed that he dumped them. You owe the people who originally dumped them a thank you.

Hmmm… things are a bit complicated now…arent’ they ?

Anyway a big thanks to whom – really – dumped them !

I never agreed not to distribute anything

a lot of thanks for it

Oh man, this is fantastic! I haven’t been to this site for years. I’m glad these games have been released!


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