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Now is the last chance to let me know why you think they should or shouldnt be released, maybe you can sway my decision.

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Due to fact that these games are so rare to find, please dump what you have got πŸ™‚

they are dumped and the roms are playable, ready to be uploaded

Yes! Please post links or PM them if it is against board rules to post them! Thanks

BTW which games have you dumped?

The 4 unreleased japanese games

I think they should be released for many reasons. One that stands out for me is that the average gamer will only have a slim chance at experiencing what they are like. (I’m assuming these are the 4 undumped games you are referring to..)
SD Gundam Dimension War looks amazing! Unfortunately, I have never even seen it for sale. I would definitely enjoy playing it, and would still purchase it if ever given the chance.
Space Invaders Virtual Collection is like a dream. Space Invaders is fun enough, but to put it on the V-boy…simply put, as long as I can play the game, that’s all I need to suffice until I find a good deal on it πŸ˜‰
Virtual Bowling..this is one of the games my friends are always talking about wanting to play. Unfortunately we will probably never be given that chance to, considering how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find! I would enjoy it very much. πŸ™‚
Virtual Lab: I’ve read many articles on this one thanks to this amazing fan made site, and I would honestly love to experience it, even though it’s an “unfinished” game.

So overall, I think you should go ahead and release your dumps, because collectors will still purchase the games, and everyone, like me, that just really wants to experience them would get a chance of a lifetime! And I would definitely play these with more friends too, maybe getting them to get attached to the V-Boy and purchase one of there own, which might even persuade them to make their own games for it.

WOW man im sure thousands of people would love you if you released these, i doubt il ever get to play anyone of them games, sadly i cant afford them but if i could i would buy them..

i would love to play space invaders on the virtual boy, also virtual bowling – seing it being different to nesters funky bowling, an rpg (sd gundam dimension war) looks like great fun and to play an unfinished game (virtual lab) would be fun and funny to show to friends.

These games seem verrryyy cool and its a pitty that theyre so rare, but for people like you who have them im impressed and to even take thought of dumping these games is very generous indeed, maybe you could have a website and release 1 a week or month or something, start getting people to your site and maybe have a donation addition for the hard earned money youve spent into owning these games, someone to dump them would be a great day for i and many others

Great work on collecting these games im impressed, and the ACTUAL game would still be a want for any collector, wether its been dumped or not, i myself first played tones of games on a VB emulator and to experience on a actual virtual boy is even better… if these get released i may even consider buying a flashboy!

once again, congratulations on your collection and your generosity of thinking of dumping these games.

all credit shall go to you!

Not sure what the point of this post is… but I’ll say the same thing I always say… they’re your games, you’re free to do whatever you want with them. It will devalue your games, so if you’re okay with that, then go for it. If you’re doing this for attention/praise, you’re gonna be disappointed… you’ll be lucky to get a couple thanks for it. And once it gets to the ROM sites, nobody will even know where they came from. The games aren’t that great, so they won’t actually get played much… but people really want the ROMs for their “ROM collections” because they’re not freely available.

So yeah… do whatever you want… our opinion shouldn’t matter, unless you’re just trying to get people to beg for them.


Really it was just a post to let everyone know that they are coming, there is nothing that would stop me from releasing them, so begging for them would do absolutely no good as they are coming out in due time, wait until I get ahold of some of the proto roms then again who’s to say I don’t have a few of those also

Phew, well that last message was quite calming to me. πŸ˜€
From a newbie to the Virtual Boy “scene”, I really just want the chance to play all of the games without spending mass amounts of money. I definitely plan on preordering one of those awesome flash carts soon.
Personally, I feel like a completest, in the sense that I would like to play every game released for my favorite systems. I did it for the NTSC-U Saturn games, and the majority of the US Dreamcast games, when I was in those phases. Now I’m in the Virtual Boy phase πŸ˜›

Man…you are my hero !!! πŸ˜‰
Please go ahead and release them !!!
Thanks for your (hard) work !!!

shags wrote:
Now is the last chance to let me know why you think they should or shouldnt be released, maybe you can sway my decision.

shags wrote:
there is nothing that would stop me from releasing them

So this post really is pointless πŸ˜› … but yeah… that’s cool that someone is finally gonna publicly release them. Maybe when the prices drop I’ll pick up SD Gundam and Virtual Bowling πŸ˜‰ .


is this going to make the front page news?

WOW !! πŸ˜€ :thumpup:

ohh, thank you very much for your work, after so long finally can enjoy these games!

You poser… those aren’t your dumps. The thread title should be “I got someone else’s dumps and I’m gonna claim I dumped them”… I’ll bet that was a lot of “hard work”. No need to thank shags for these. I was hoping to see fresh dumps so we can confirm that those are good… what a loser.


Well DogP figured me out, I do have a dumper but why waste the time trying to get them to dump when the roms were handed to me so that they would get released

πŸ™‚ Ya know Shags even if you do or not or did get any of the prototypes for the VB… If they get posted well I’m sure gonna miss all the bickering between us all on this subject. Granted I will be happy to play the original Mario Demo no offense Jorgeche “I like yours too” πŸ˜› but sigh I guess everything must come to an end. This concludes another mindless post by Deadly-D 😎

“waste the time trying to get them to dump”? I thought your dumper was working! What could have delayed things to the point where someone had to hand you the ROMs to release? Or did you even have a dumper in the first place?

Oh, well. The ROMs are out (hopefully in good integrity so as to be playable), everyone knows what’s going on, and not one of those unreleased ROMs is Dragon Hopper (though I don’t think that whoever has it would want it released publicly for the sole purpose of preserving its value).


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