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I have NikoChan Battle called Faceball here.
Let me tell you about game.

When I turn on game fun music play. It sound like man whistle and I hear drum also.

But there no instruction booklet for game.

Second screen say NIKOCHAN BATTLE
There is happy face character in up left and down right on left display.
And there happy face caracter in up right and down left on right display.

Third screen have AUTO PAUSE OFF/ON.
I keep off.

Forth screen have Bullet-Proof Software logo.
That is what BPS mean.

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Next come introduction.

I see red wall with smile face on. Ha ha everything red!

Then wall explode and I see small happy face character behind.

He spin round in circle and rush to me and off left end of screen.

More fun music play. Diferent this time.

Happy face rush strait left and 3 panel move in front of him.

Happy face rush by opening to right. Uh oh! He stop fast and move back. He turn right and rush to background.

He come to mirror and see himself. Next he turn round then. One more happy face character come from left end of screen and see him.

Then background for title fall down and everything other disappear.

Hi Mr.G! We’ve been looking for an owner of this game for a long time, thankyou for coming here to tell us about it.

Did you acquire it recently, or have you had it for a long time? I am guessing you are Japanese, thankyou for making the effort to post here in english so that we can share these imrpessions. 🙂

Each come out one at time…… ニ … コ … ちゃ … ん … バ … ト … ル ……
Then little happy face character hop on screen and become part of title.

Below title I see


©1995 BPS

I select NORMAL now.
I select STAGE 1.

That all for now. I show more in future.


This feels like a tease, honestly. :/

Very nice! I want to play! :]

My God… I think I just felt my dick move.

I really hope he’ll contact the correct members to have this game dumped=D I want to play.>B Also maybe we should ask him about Dragon Hopper. Nah he probably worked for BPS of japan but that’s only just a guess.

What are your intentions with the game ? do you plan to release it, sell it..raise money to release it ?

I’m very interested in how ‘smooth’ the game is. Is it choppy when you move ? or is it smooth. If it would help..you could compare it to the gameboy or super nintendo version.

Sorry for all the questions 🙂 but you have caused quite a stir 🙂


wow, thx for the images!

Thanks for shareing pictures of this game. Me and most PVB members have been curious about this game for years.

Like bigmak said, what are your intentions to do with the game?

Awesome! Thanks for this in-depth view and welcome to Planet VB! Will you also provide video? I think we all would LOVE to see the game in motion. 🙂

This is so great 😀

I want to play

First off… wow… just wow… I thought that this day would never come. I have hoped that it would for a while, but I never actually thought that it would. I am nearly speechless…

Sorry to add to the long list of questions, Mr. G, but in addition to the question about posting video online, I was wondering about the music. You said that music plays at the very beginning of the game and that different music plays when the happy face character starts to rush straight to the left, if I understood you correctly. My question is: will you be posting sound recordings of this music online? I would so love to hear this music!

Wow this is fantastic. Thanks very much, looking forward to whatever else you wish to show us.

this is really interesting. i had not expected to see this posted. what an interesting week it has been for vb discussions. i can not wait to see what you will post in the future.

knowing that it is out there gives me hope that one day everyone will be able to enjoy it.

thanks for sharing!


I´m new here and I couldn’t resist to post here. I can’t belive it. I think it is fantastic that someone can show this game we have been waiting for so long.
Is there any possibility to play? If donations are needed to buy the rom I’m at your disposal.
Tonight I won’t sleep!

L___E___T. I only speak here of NikoChan Battle game. You are welcome.

Dreammary. Sorry. I no tease you.

bigmak. I want to show everybody game. I no can find many information online of NikoChan Battle on Virtual Boy so I put detail of game online for to see. I find video on YouTube that look like game. Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOc7J3pIxgI
Who this mk0081 that put video online? Does mk0081 make Virtual Boy – 3D Raycasting Demo? The person that make demo very good. NikoChan Battle move like this very close but more fast. I play Game Boy version and Super Nintendo version of game yes. NikoChan Battle on Virtual Boy move more smooth than Game Boy and Super Nintendo version.

VBrulez. Like I say I want show everybody game. Not many detail of game apear online.

KR155E. You are welcome and thank you. I alowed put video of game online. I no put video online in past so may take time.

Benjamin Stevens. I alowed to put music of game online also. But I no can record music now. Maybe in future.

MOLINASON. I wish more people can play game. I have game on cart now but I no own cart. Man that own cart say rom no can be release.

I try make more picture of game on weekend.

The game cannot be released? Well, then this is a tease and I will not look at this topic anymore. We will never get to play it, so seeing all these pictures just saddens me.

I think there is some miscommunication with the language barrier. I would never expect the ROM to be shared ‘just like that’ but I would hope that we could collectively generate enough money for the owner to release it. This way, he gets that cash to reimburse for the costs of the game and we get to play it too.

Either that, or we could buy the cart itself as we did with Bound High!

I think these points need to be communicated by someone literate in Japanese and English (Ben?), otherwise the finer details will be lost in translation.

I for one, appreciate the details on this site even if the game will not be released.
Faceball is available on other formats so I’m easily able to enjoy the graphics and sound, if we could see a video.


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