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I have NikoChan Battle called Faceball here.
Let me tell you about game.

When I turn on game fun music play. It sound like man whistle and I hear drum also.

But there no instruction booklet for game.

Second screen say NIKOCHAN BATTLE
There is happy face character in up left and down right on left display.
And there happy face caracter in up right and down left on right display.

Third screen have AUTO PAUSE OFF/ON.
I keep off.

Forth screen have Bullet-Proof Software logo.
That is what BPS mean.

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Oh, I just found this really fun remake of Faceball called “Faceball 3000”.

It seems very tricky, but it’s a fine remake, and you can even strafe!!


DanB wrote:
I’m just curious, if there’s no Arena mode in the version you have, then what does the first screenshot on this page depict?


Clearly the HUD and font is very different from the rest of the game? Is it an earlier/later version?

That is the one screenshot that can be found online that causes me questions as well. That screenshot does indeed depict something that does not appear at all in the version of Faceball that Eric got. I cannot figure out if it is showing an earlier or later version of Faceball. That screenshot came from a Japanese magazine that showed one screenshot of each VB game in its list:


That magazine also shows one screenshot of many Virtual Boy games that never saw the light of day in any form, and it is unknown if any partially-working ROMs are available at all for many of those games or if they ever found their way into private hands. The best that I can conclude is that the aforementioned screenshot shows a version of VB Faceball that most likely never found its way into private hands, but I can’t say for sure if it is an earlier or later version.

Just registered to express interest in purchasing a reproduction of this. Please keep us posted with details 🙂

segagamer99 wrote:

jrronimo wrote:
Are there any pictures of the actual cartridge yet? I’m pretty sure I went through every page, but I might’ve missed something…

There are pictures of the prototype that Mr. G sent to DogP once.


And here is the front of the cart(first page of article scan), also a nice review. 🙂


Perfect! Thank you! It’s gorgeous. 😀

Wow, cool article with artwork! I think that would be brilliant looking on the cart.

Love the Box art aswell!

Looking forward to a release! I’m getting one! 😀

thunderstruck wrote:
Wow, finishing Faceball would be quite and interesting task. I don’t know if I would be the right person to do something like this…


thunderstruck wrote:

thunderstruck wrote:
Wow, finishing Faceball would be quite and interesting task. I don’t know if I would be the right person to do something like this…


Isn’t it amazing what a little time brings. 🙂


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