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Hello there all,

I’m new here and have also a question.

I just have boy a virtual boy demo version compleet boxt with manual but like to know what its worth.

I will never sell this but like to know iff i have buy it for a good price.

I also have a normall japan version boxt and a usa version not boxt.

and 12 games;


1. Nintendo virtual boy battary pack

2. Nintendo virtual boy battary pack

3. Nintendo Virtual Boy controller 2 maal

4. Nintendo Virtual Boy demo version

5. Virtual boy japans

6. Virtual boy USA


1. Baseball ’95

2. Galactic pinball

3. Mario tennis

4. Mario Tennis USA

5. Panibon

6. Red alarm

7. Space Invaders

8. Telero boxer

9. Vertical Force

10. Virtual Fishing

11. Virtual golf

12. Vtetris

all the games ar boxt with manual

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Well i belive that you did but it at ebay fore 249dollar 🙂

Great price.

I have buy at for 300 euro in combing with a dreamcast r7 boxt but is this to much or not

i know the seller he is living in my place so i can walk to him 🙂


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