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Hey, haven’t been to this site for quite awhile… late ’05 I believe. I haven’t seen any subjects based upon using a Virtual Boy while on a drug, say cannabis 😎 . I guess you’d call this a request for a trip report while playing a game, lol. Anyone though that’d like to share? πŸ™‚

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wtf, enjoy the game instead since as u have noticed with the flashboy u can play all games and as of late the 4 rare vb games were released as roms πŸ™‚

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“Wtf, enjoy the game instead since as you have noticed with the flashcart you can play all games and as of late the four rare Virtual Boy games were released as roms :)”

I’m well aware of the flashcart. But what in the world does that have to do with what I asked? πŸ˜• Also, please don’t point the obvious as of the four games were stated in the frontpage that they were now released as .roms.

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Someone taking LSD and playing VB would indeed be very interesting πŸ˜€

Cannabis won’t make any difference. You could compare that to playing it while drunk.

Shrooms/LSD might be interesting though. I ate some shrooms a few times and it was amazing. Never played on my Virtual Boy though. I did play Unreal Tournament once. It didn’t change much, although it was much moodyer. The problem was I couldn’t remember anything I did (where am I, where are the other bots), so I was just shooting at anything that moved πŸ˜‰ ). Graphics were great though πŸ˜› . So the Virtual Boy must be interesting to play while using some hallucinative drugs.

Need to buy shrooms though, they’re only legal here until 1 december πŸ™ .

Never used LSD.

Hurry up! XD BTW where are you living?

I’m from Holland.

They’re banning shrooms because one dumbass French tourist girl jumped off a bridge πŸ™


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