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Ok so when i run ViBe (mac vb emulator) i can only open some games (tron, space invaders demo) because for others like snake or mario it says it can’t be read. i make it open in ViBe and open it but nothing.

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ViBE only plays games which are in its database or are 64kb or smaller. I think this was implemented to allow only good dumps, but in my opinion it’s a VERY unnecessary restriction.

*cough* BS *cough*. That may be what he claims, but he actually implemented it because he was mad that people had prototypes out there but wouldn’t share with him, so if they want to play on his “superior” emulator, they’d have to send the ROM to him first. I’m sure that has got him TONS of protos :-P.

I have no idea how often he updates that, but you could send him the games you want to play, have him put it in the database, then you could play them. When he implemented it, most homebrew games were 64k, although why he didn’t raise that limit to below 512k (the smallest commercial game), I dunno… maybe there could be a 256k tech demo ROM out there.

IMO Reality Boy is a better emu now anyway… I’ll bet it could be ported to OSX pretty easily if someone had the time (and a Mac) to mess w/ it (it works on Windows, Linux, Dos, and the Allegro library that it uses has a version for OSX.



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