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I have a problem, it just got here, plugged everything in (i didnt get a battery pack just ac adapter.) i can see through both eyes but its WAY too dark.

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Do you mean there is a picture but it’s very dark, or that there is no picture at all?

Is this your first time using a VB? Maybe it’s working fine and your brightness expectations are set too high 😉

What game(s) are you playing? Some games have brightness settings that you can try to adjust, but there’s not really any reason it should get dimmer over time. LEDs generally either work or don’t…

As an aside, you could probably use a little more patience when using a message board 😛


it is the first time, it worked fine though and was bright. then it died out.
my only games are mario clash, mario’s tennis, and red alarm. mario clash i cant see anything and thats one that has adjust brightness. but i can’t see at all in that one so i couldnt find the switch.

also, i actually posted it 2 days ago and edited it today

nevermind, im returning and hopefully getting a new one


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