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I have released a playable mockup of a scifi-themed Metroidvania game called “Null Pointer”. This demo was built using the VBJaEngine as a test drive for both the engine and a few design ideas I had. It consists of a single small room to walk around in.

More information, download and discussion here.

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Great demo. What are the future plans for this ? Just learning what the engine can do ? or, will this be continued into a game ?


I’m also curious, this one small room is dripping with atmosphere! Would could be such a cool game.

I wanted to see how my mockup screenshot would work in motion, also I wanted to try out my idea for a pseudo 3d effect based on parallax scrolling.

I have lots of ideas for an action platformer and I would love to make more out of this tiny mockup. At my working pace, don’t expect anything before 2030, though. 😉

Really well done! I like the look of it


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