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Hi all!

Curious to hear if anyone else here at PVB has taken the dive into the Oculus Quest yet. As a stand-alone, portable VR headset, I’m struck by the conceptual similarities between the Quest and the VB. Playing with two Touch controllers is even similar to using the VB controller – albeit with two analog sticks instead of D-pads.

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Im a VR enthousiastic.
I own the DK1, 2, go and Quest.

I played VB emulator on the Go and bought to Kevin Melott it (last) VB gamepad to Go adapter.

Today Im playing around with the Quest link cable and Im discovering all I missed these last two years on the PC side of VR.

For me,the Quest is the best headset and Im very impressed by what the evil Facebook is doiging right now.
Iv disconneted my Facebook account but Im spending 20 USD pro month in the oculus store. What a paradox 🙂

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Honestly, I’m more than a little conflicted about the whole Facebook ownership of Oculus too. But the ability to play Beat Saber 360-degree levels without any wires getting in the way was too enticing to pass up. 😉 Coming from a PSVR setup, where I basically had one fixed spot in the middle of my living room where I could play, the freedom to play anywhere in the house is so freeing!

Right now I’m deep into Tokyo Chronos, a visual novel game built for VR. It doesn’t seem at first like a genre that would benefit from the extra immersion, but there are a few moments that pack an extra punch from feeling like you’re right there in the midst of the group.

Also just started dabbling in sideloading content – so I’m curious to try out Lambda1VR too!

I’ve been a big junkie for just playing tons of pavlov, might have to buy it when it gets to final on quest. I’ve sort of given up on PC VR, I don’t see a point to it when you can go with something as easy and functional as the Quest. I do wire in sometimes, but mostly for sitting experiences, like emulating Gamecube in VR. I’m told 3DS also emulates in 3D on VR, and I’m excited to try it, but nothing there yet. If I’m up and moving around though, forget it! I’ll wait for the quest port. Comparatively simple graphics or less physics actions are not a deal-breaker to me.


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