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I’ve noticed that on the main index page it says this:
“Released back in 1995 only in Japan and the USA”
I know that the VirtualBoy was also marketed in Canada in 1995.

I also saw this article in the media (mentioning PVB!) that says that someone found 100 new Virtual Boys in the United Arab Emirates:


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yeah, you’re right, it should be “north america”, not “usa”. changed that.

so finally the article is online! i actually did a quite longish interview with the author matt kwong a while ago. too bad there is (was) no way to get one of the vbs. btw, i was told that the vbs were not sealed, aka shrinkwrapped, in contrast to what the article says.

That’s a pretty cool article. BTW, I’ve had several brand new VBs… I sold a couple 6 or 7 years ago, and they didn’t sell for that much (I think $50-$75… they still popped up on ebay every now and then). Then I sold another ~3 years ago and it sold for $250 on ebay… and they actually bought it to play, not to keep unopened (they asked me to test it before shipping). I also sold an unopened Mosaic VB, which sold for ~$350.

But yeah, new systems were never actually sealed.


I got mario tennis, 3 virtual league baseball and the vb (with box, batterie pack, instruction booklet and so on) for only 118 euro less then 2 years ago and that included shipping and all

so yeah it depends where u look

Thats a pretty cool article. Nice read, thanks.

what did happen whit that VB?


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