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Well, I bought an AC Adapter for my Virtual Boy (finally) expecting it to be an official Nintendo one (because I thought that was the only kind there was). However, when I received it, I realized it was a Performance brand AC Adapter tap. I couldn’t find it in the accessories section…… so I was wondering if you had seen it before? Here’s a couple of pics:

Sorry about the glare on the label, but that’s the clearest shot that I could get. The label says:

AC adaptor for use with the
MODEL : 4111A9
INPUT : AC 117V 60Hz 9W
OUTPUT : DC 9V 500mA

It works fine, but I’ve never seen an off brand before. Have you already seen this?

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Yeah, that was the first type that I got. IMO it’s better than the official Nintendo one since it’s less clunky and you don’t have to worry about the power plug falling out of the tap.


Hmm… I wonder why I didn’t notice it in the collection screen earlier… Y’know, you’re probably right about it being better than the Nintendo one, but first party VB stuff is more rare.

Why isn’t it on the accessories page?

it’s this one, right? 🙂

Right….. Manufactured by STD, distributed by Performance. I feel like such an idiot. 😀

…Is it just me or is STD a really bad name for a company?


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