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How much do you think this stuff is worth today?
How much is your collection worth?
It doesn’t matter to me about the $, I’m never selling it. But was pretty shocked to check Ebay and see prices always rising. The state of game collecting has these as a major want in the collections of many.

I remember when a loose copy of Warioland was $5 on Ebay. There were a ton of games shipping from Mexico at one point.

Sealed copies of Virtual league baseball were $20 all day on Ebay for months. That must have dried up now, I saw a GRADED copy posted.

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Also I got the Block-buster case complete (but without manual), boxed Vertical Force, Boxed Mario Clash, and Boxed Galactic Pinball for $225. This was probably 2017. I think the Block Buster case alone could go for that today.
I’m not trying to brag, but would like to hear others stories about how they got theirs.


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