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Just wondering if it is possible to make a vb version of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HNDlSbVNBY

Not that I will make it, but since the game had alot of rd in it maybe it`s an idea someone can do

Yes the graphics and cartridge space of the game might be a bit to big for the vb, but I think atleast 5 levels like in the vid could fit on a vb cartridge

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The play dynamics of that game are pretty simple, but there’s a lot of math required to do that type of motion.

I LOVE that game and have been thinking about how to VB-ify it. The physics and graphics seem quite doable on the VB (though perhaps on a smaller scale), but it really requires some kind of analog control to be very fun. Perhaps the basic idea could be modified to use digital controls…


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