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As a member of a Virtual Boy community there’s probably a chance that you might like other obscure gaming items as well. I thought it’d be fun if we shared our cool stuff that is obscure, but isn’t VB related πŸ™‚

I’ll start off with…something that isn’t really mine, but I’m one of very few who has the rom for it. I was tasked to research it and provide the owner with the information for them to make a video, but, that never ended up happening. It exchanged hands then was sold off and now I have no idea where the cart is. So, I figured I may as well put it out myself.

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I suppose it mostly depends on the content of the rom chip, but dev carts are still cool to have, regardless of what’s on it. They’re also not the cheapest things to obtain usually.

Final versions are obviously of less interest but you never know what may be tucked away in there, and even final versions can tell a story of the history.
My what appears to be final version of Lemmings for example it dated like a year before the games release. Going through my Nintendo Powers reveal that the game indeed was supposed to release much sooner. What happened? I dunno, still a mystery πŸ™‚

Have this obscure item standing ( i not see this one allot this the JN-2000 latest model jaguar sewing system whit the build in game boy color)


@mawa, do you also have the Mario sewing game that was released on that peripheral?

No i only have the normal cartridge whit it ( never have seen the mario one game in real )

Marioguy wrote:

, do you also have the Mario sewing game that was released on that peripheral?

That’s a pretty epic GBC Sewing machine. I like how tailor made for the gbc it is

Is this an automatic machine that uses the Game Boy to do sewing or is that just there because someone made a hole and put it there?

My most obscure item is Speak and Spell, original version, 1978. Found it in the flea market for like 20$. I made a whole video about it and YES that’s actually my hands and voice.

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Definitely fun! Whenever I see those they remind me of E.T.
I mean, I remember playing with one at some kids house in elementary school. At the time, though, I was all like, how is this supposed to win my attention over Nintendo?

F’in eh

Finally, FINALLY got my hands on one of these things. Always had a thing for small CRT TV’s, this is a TV is obviously the culmination of that interest.

It’s the Panasonic CT-101, and it’s got the honor of being the worlds smallest color CRT Television. It has a 1.5″ screen.

These things are hard as hell to find it seems, but finally I got one!

Had to play some SNES on it. The Super Gameboy picture was for the irony of playing on a smaller TV then the gameboy screen.

Pictures don’t do this thing justice, it looks pretty damn good in person

This guy is the Game Wave Entertainment System, made by Canadian company Zap-IT! Games in 2005 and cancelled in 2009. About 13 games came out for it and was also a DVD player. I have two, this one doesn’t have a working DVD drive and a boxed one.

McJones9631 wrote:
This guy is the Game Wave Entertainment System, made by Canadian company Zap-IT! Games in 2005 and cancelled in 2009. About 13 games came out for it and was also a DVD player. I have two, this one doesn’t have a working DVD drive and a boxed one.

Funnily enough, I saw one of these things at a local used game store last week; I thought it was a Nuon at first.

Earlier this week I found a Game Gear Soft Check cart at a thrift store. Supposedly this cart can check/test various things in the Game Gear like the speakers, contrast, buttons, V-RAM, etc. However, I’m unable to get it to pass the first test which appears to be a COMM Port check since I don’t have a Game Gear Link cable (I think Sega called them Gear-to-Gear cables). Not that I’m really in a rush to get one at this moment though; the Game Gear was never really a console I had much interest in due to its size, capacitor leaking issue, and that Sega never made a Super Game Boy equivalent for the Game Gear.

I kinda wonder how this cartridge got to my neck of the woods. Maybe someone in my area used to work at Sega or something? I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or maybe from the same person, but the same thrift store had a Genesis 2 in box the other week too that was still in pretty good condition.


Those service carts are pretty neat. I’m sure Sega had a few authorized repair depots, so that could possibly explain why it got to your area.

Cool stuff!

Had some time to play NES on my micro TV. Ever play Duck Hunt on a 1.5″ screen?

Not really as obscure as most items on here, but I finally was able to get a Satellaview. It was a satellite modem for the Super Famicom, which allowed for game broadcasts, magazine downloads, and other such things through the now defunct ST GIGA service. Supposedly there were over 100,000 sold but there was also a buyback after the service ended so the true number of units still out there is unkown, but it’s a pretty neat item nonetheless.


Still really damn cool. Congrats!

I know I’m years late on this but that first post is so cool, I had no idea Argonaut did any other 3D titles outside of X. I love that game just for the story of it, was lucky enough to chance upon a copy when looking for other things to pad out a play-asia order years and years and *years* ago.

Could probably spam up the thread going on about all sorts of things I’ve picked up that I think are cool, though I don’t quite have anything on the level of unreleased prototypes – most of my stuff was available at retail or whatever. Also a good chunk of it is more obscure in a local context, since we miss out on a whole lot of things down here and have to rely on imports. Mostly I’m mildly obsessed with weird/niche peripherals (hence getting on the VB bandwagon years ago) so most of the stuff I’ve amassed is centred around that.

One small-but-cool one, a few years back my boss was getting ready to move to another country and me and a friend were over at his place for one final board games night. In the process of tidying up he’d uncovered a few things that were still kicking around from back when he worked in the games industry. Pretty much said “oh hey I found these, I figured you might be interested in them” and just handed me what I recognised as a pair of E3 promo pins for Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. I kinda slipped up in my excitement mentioning how they go for a pretty high price, and he expressed some regret in not having thought to just try sell them instead. But still let me keep them anyway, such an awesome parting gift πŸ˜›


X is a very cool game, I love the presentation. They also did Race Drivin which is damn impressive for the Gameboy.

Those are cool pins, I love OoT. Those old e3 collectables are really fun to stumble across years later

Very cool! Don’t think I’ve seen that one yet


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