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I was playing vertical force last night and FINALLY killed that skull boss that I’ve been stuck on for 2 years… and my VB powered itself off. I was intensely annoyed and started the game up again and after a few minutes it died on me again. The batteries are new so I know it’s not their fault. I have a feeling there may be a dodgy connection in the controller cable. Do you think thats the most likely cause? I’d hate it to be something wrong with the VB itself 🙁

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Heh, I’ve almost never played on batteries, so I dunno… but I’d suggest trying an AC adapter. I believe dead batteries should have given you a low battery warning. I have had a problem with the contacts on the controller to the power being loose and resetting if you bumped it… bending the contacts out a little seemed to fix that.


There’s no low battery warning and I’ve not done anything to my VB apart from making a head strap. There isn’t a way to accidentally damage the port the controller goes into is there? I remember once my friend picked up the VB with the controller dangling. Maybe that damaged it in some way? I hope not. I’d be seriously crushed if this was the beginning of the end of my VB 🙁

It’s possible to break a wire in the controller cord by picking it up like that, but I’ve never seen a bad cord. I guess you could try turning it on and wiggling the cord a bunch and see if it ever cuts out from it, or if it is seemingly random.



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