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Hi everybody. I’ve a problem with my VB. I get the console yesterday with no game. I put in 6 batteries (not new!) and wanted to turn it on. But nothing happens 🙁

Do I need a game into the vb to turn it on or is my new “baby” dead 🙁

Pleas help!!!!



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Hi, you need a game to boot the VB, it doesn’t show anything when powered without a cart. But if you listen carefully, you can hear a bzzzz when turning it on, it is because of the oscilating mirrors, at least you can know if it is working.


Actually you can feel it when the VB is turned on, you can feel a very light vibration.

Also, the batteries should be as juiced as possible. I once bought a VB, then transfered over batteries from my other VB, and the new one wouldn’t work. I tried it later with an AC adaptor and found out that it wasn’t dead!


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