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I bought a Brand New Virtual Boy a few months back off of ebay.I only opened the box to look at it but never took anything out of the box.I then ran into some money issues and sold it again to someone in Florida.They received it and told me that it was not working.They said it would make a slight humming noise when it was turned on using the battery pack and an included AC Adapter, but no sound or picture.I offered to send them a working replacement if they sent the faulty head unit back.I received it today and If I had any doubts that this thing was new,they are gone now…it is Mint!Even has that New Console smell to it.Anyway,I plugged in my controller and threw in Galactic Pinball…started right up,I then tested a few other games and they all work fine as well.The games he was trying were the included Mario Tennis(which I never tested) and Wario and Tetris,which I had played several times before sending them to him so I am fairly certain it’s not the games.The only thing either one of us can think of now is maybe it is the controller?I just don’t see why he would be getting any noise from the system(humming) if it was the power though.Any suggestions?

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Putting the cartridge the wrong side into the VB!

The cart only goes in one way so I am sure that’s not the problem.He said he was putting them in label facing up.

Are you actually sure they put the cart in? This may seem stupid, but that’s the exact same thing when you turn it on without a cart. Maybe they expected an OS on there to tell them “Put the cart int?”



Yes I am sure,I walked them through it in case they were doing it wrong.


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