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Although this is my firts post, I’ve been visiting this site since late 2006, even before I bought a Virtual Boy (something has always fascinated me about the VB).

Anyway, I finally bought a used VB last December, it came with Mario Clash, Mario Tenis and Teleroboxer, I’ve also bought for it Red Alarm and Wario Land, and since this is an underrated gem, here in Mexico, when this games come around, they’re faily cheap.

The thing is that, two months ago in theright screen of my VB started appearing horizontal lines in some of the games. I didn’t gave much importance because they seemed to appear at random. But now those lines are permanent. It’s a real pitty and nuisance in some games, like Red Alarm and plainly annoying on the rest.

Searching through the Nintendo forums I found that someone else had this problem, but the answer to him was to google the fix. I searched but found nothing, so now I come to this, what I consider the best source of Virtual Boy information there is, to see if someone knows how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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This problem is all to common.

There are lots of threads about it, here’s one and you can search for others using the search bar near the top.


It also helps once you fix it to have the IPD turned all the way to the left when you’re not going to be using it for a while to stop the problem from coming back.


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