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I have been asked if there would be another coding competition… now here’s the plans I have, gentlemen:

Rather then holding (an)other coding competition(s), I’d like the community to select their VB homebrew of the previous year at the beginning of every new year. It will work like the voting after the coding competition, but that time, every VB homebrew released in the previous year, from Jan 1st to Dec 31rd, will automatically take part in the voting.

I’d like this to be an annual award, and I’d like to give away prizes like in the coding compo, but I can’t yet say if this can be done every year. If anyone wants to donate money for prizes, or items as prizes, that’d be great! One idea I have would be that the winner gets his game on a cart with a custom box, instructions etc. 😎

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What a great idea!

*Note to self: start setting aside more VB dev’ing time*


An excellent idea.

Would it cover all homebrew or just completed projects? I suppose it depends on what’s availible but I just wonder if something could potentially win for two different years.

i like the idea, even though i cant contribute anything to it….i really need to learn how to make some games.


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