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Hey everyone, hows it going?

I’m from Australia, and read about the Virtual Boy as a kid, never seeing one until very recently and randomly at a customers house. I’d heard all the bad press and criticisms of it but always wanted to try it out. Anyway after years of wanting one, never really thinking I’d get one, let alone see one, I finally scored one (the one (and only one) I’d seen) for what I thought was a bargain two days ago.

I got a boxed Japanese system, with a unboxed US Wario Land, and boxed Japanese Teleroboxer, Golf, Baseball, Vertical Force, V-Tetris, Panic Bomber, Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball, and Red Alarm, but I think the cartridge is dead, a pity cause it looks pretty sweet.

I have to say I’m very impressed but disapointed when I see some of the later prototypes, knowing that this system might have gone to much better places, wishing some of those aforementioned protos were released, but think they should have worked a few more kinks out before they released it. I think a lot of people have treated it too harshly and too many people have jumped on the bandwagon and hate it without even having played or seen one.

Also, I have read that with the AC Adaptor cord pack that if youre not in America or Japan you need a Step down Transformer or something? I have also read that it is easier to just get a adaptor tap converter that takes snes power cords. Does it take Snes cords from all regions? I’ve noticed that some other Aussies are on this site, maybe one of you guys could fill me in on this if you know? Also, does anyone know of any online scans of the english system manual? I wouldnt mind having a read, my japanese isnt up to scratch, I’m afraid 🙂

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You are in luck, this very website has scans of the manual!


If you need any manuals for games, might want to check out another page at this site…


For the power, I would just buy one of those step down transformers. That way you know it will work fine, and you have the added benefit of using other American and Japanese electronic devices in the future.

i normally use my notebook cord from 9volt and that work fine for me

but make sure the volts are correct

but i recommer also to buy a stepdown converter they are not that expansief and it make sure that all will be good and working


a vb ac adapter its under $10 right now and its in box and it has 14 hours left. and if your buy it ill buy one of your battery packs from you


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