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When nintendo first announced the virtual boy in early 1995, tiger electronics thought that they could compete aganst nintendo but obvisoly failed, the tiger r-zone was a complete knock off of the virtual boy for many reasons it has many simularites to the virtual boy such as the graphics are red and black, the controller has the on and off switch, and battery input, their is also a waterworld game for it. The advertising for it sayed `that its out of this world’ like how on the virtual boy commercals they sayed `a 3D game for a 3D world’ After the virtual boy was such a failure tiger made two handheld models of the r-zone, but they obiously it failed two. In conclusion the r-zone was a awful knock off of the virtual boy their is not a single good game or for that matter original game for the r-zone out their.

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yes they also made the game.com system. it was supposed to rival the gameboy but failed. most if not all the games where bad, the internet service it had with it cost extra you needed like 3 ad ons and you could only post online scores with it. it also had a cheap gimmicky touch screen and could hold 2 games at once.


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