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I wonder how we could get some new faces and some fresh threads into this community. I really like it here so far, however it’s somewhat quiet here…

So… any ideas :D?



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good point. but let me say that the vb community has always been quite small. just like the number of new threads. you can absolutely not say the site is dying, in fact it’s steadily getting more hits ever since.
the number of really enthusiastic people is very small, though. less then half of the people registered here ever posted a single thing, much less posted their collections or highscores etc.
i personally would love to see development discussion again and some activity in the dev wiki, the vb dev scene is really dead. jorgeche’s demo seems to be the only thing being worked on atm.

Well. I’d actually be very interested in dev but my technical skills as well as raw materials cannot fabricate a cart of some sort… So yeah, basically, that’s what’s keeping me from dev’ing.
I know there are emulators, but they are just to a certain extend really true to the render…



Yeah, I agree w/ KR155E… the VB community has always been small, but I think it’s actually growing more popular than it has been. The dev scene has definately been quiet though 🙁 . I’ve actually been doing a lot of dev recently, but nothing exciting for me to talk about yet :/ .


Yeh, I’m with Tauwasser. I actually like learning programming languages, and thought about learning programming for the VB, but I have yet to learn any C, and assembly is confusing. I understand it, but it’s a pain. And also, I can’t seem to find a decent EPROM programmer for under $20. I don’t want to spend $50 on something I won’t use all that often. (Although I’ve also considered NES and SNES dev…)

Also, I’m just not that big on forums. I prefer IRC, but it’s usually pretty empty here compared to some other sites.

Anyway so yeah… I’ve often thought it’s slow here, but that’s only in comparison to some bigger sites. This is definitely one of the better fansites I’ve seen though. As far as design and everything goes, I give it a 10.

Actually, while we’re on the subject, a lot of my friends had never seen a VB before I got mine. Sad eh? 🙁

Hi, well I hope that my project could help a little to incentive people to make some games.

I have been doing some design changes to the project which has grown a lot (it takes almost 256K now), making it some kind of object oriented through oop’s features emulation.

I think that it has now some cool capabilities that allows to create content and display it in a fairly easy way.

My deadline is August, so I hope someone at that time will be interested in this project and use the engine to produce some cool games (I have to admit that I’m not a designer or artist.. yet 🙂 ).

In its actual state, the engine reads from a table of arrange of ints, the char definition, bgmap definition and functions pointers to load dynamically the objects in a world, freeing memory (both dynamic and graphic memory) on the fly depending on whether an object is visible or not, allowing to create worlds with more variable environments (not fixed chars and bgmaps loaded at the beginning of a level).

Currently I am only using bgmaps, and by the moment don’t have plans to use objects, mainly because I use every world layer to show one single character or object, so world layer ordering is made in real time, which conflicts with the way an object segment is displayed.

I will send a new demo to KRISSE soon.

oh nice! this is a really cool project and i am looking forward to the next demo! 🙂
are you planning to write some kind of level editor for windows? maybe we can make a game out of the demo together, adding a 3d overworld like in super mario world and stuff. 😀
any plans for sound support?

Hi, my first priority is to provide an engine that could be somehow be easy to develop for. In order to achieve that, every character, background, textbox, etc, is defined as an array of ints, then each one of these entities are loaded in a table, which is used as the index to load the entities in the world. Here is an example:

First define a char group, then a bgmap and load in their respective table:

charTable[0]=(BYTE *)CHAR;
mapTable[0]=(BYTE *)MAP;

then define a character:

const int LEFTFOCUS_MC[] = {
//xVel, yVel, zVel, speedMultiplier,
0, 0, 0, 0,
// xAcel, yAcel, zAcel,
0, 0, 0,
// CharacterLogic
// numFrames, numFramesPerDirection, numCicleFrames, actualFrame,
1, 0, 0, 0,
//chDefinition, numChars,
0, 53,
//bgmapDef, cols, rows, mapMode,
0, 48, 28, WRLD_BGMAP,
// display, pallet number, affine fx, hbias fx,

and load that character in the respective table:

characterTable[0]=(int *) LEFTFOCUS_MC;

finally, define a game world:

const int FOCUS_WR[] = {
// GWORLD.xSize, GWORLD.ySize, GWORLD.zSize,
384, 224, 0,
//initial screen
// position, x, y, z,
0, 0, ZZERO,
// number of number of number of number of
//map characters, scrolls, backgrounds, textboxes
1, 0, 0, 0,
//mapchar list x, y, z, focus
0, 0, 0, ZZERO*(-1), false,
// backgrounds list
//obj characters list x, y, z,
//text boxes list x, y, z, interactive
//text interface

I have been thinking and it could be easy to develop a tool that allows to create worlds without to worry about generate the code to fill the tables: characterTable[0]=(int *) LEFTFOCUS_MC; and to don’t have to track the indexes to load every structure, but this isn’t a priority right now…

At the moment I am working on testing all the stuff I already defined in the previous post, and adding features such affine rotation over each axis, frame rate control, and hbias fx.

So if there is anyone interested in aid this project and create such a tool, it would be of great help and I could explain the way the engine loads all these stuff.

Hello everyone,
homebrewing is my hobby, recently i have done some stuff for the Vectrex.. you can check that out on my website http://www.borrmann.in

A few days ago i got interest in doing something for the Virtual Boy, and i think there are some nice tools around, like VIDE and a couple of others, but whats really missing is some kind of easy to understand “Hello World” example on this page. Something that displays some gfx and text.

If there is something around somewhere, maybe some pointers to those efforts would be helpsome to those people like me who are interested in Virtual Boy development, but don’t have any clue where to begin.

you can find several demos with good documented source in the games > homebrewn section. have a look at runnerpack’s “Hello, World! Demo” or lameboy’s “VeeBee Cursor Demo“, those are the ones which got me started.
also have a look at the documents section. and if there are any questions, there’s always our nice community. ^_^

I found something over there already for asm programming…
Today i was able to import a photo into VIDE and export the whole thing to my little Virtual Boy Program and got it displayed…

At the moment i am in the process of dissecting this ASM code i have found, to see what code portions are doing what…

I noticed that a lot of these programs dont run on the emulator(Reality Boy) i am using..So i have to find my way through all these little pitfalls, and see if i get my act together somehow.

So, probably over the next days i might ask some questions, if i get more into the VB.

Hi, great to see someone else interested in VB development, I will release the code of the engine I have been working on September, maybe you can join Krisse and I to develop the game we are creating.



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