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so I recently (read: yesterday) found out, that there are actual cases for the game cartridges themselves (as well as for the vb itself). Does anybody know where I could get hold of any cases at all?

They’re out of production, no question, but still… some people might know a few places that still sell online or on request or something.

Just asking πŸ˜€

Nice day,


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Cases?! You don’t mean dust covers right? That’s news to me…. When the VB came out, they DID make several different kinds of cases for it, there were the Blockbuster cases, and some other third party ones, but I’ve never heard of game cases….

Well, there seem to be actual cases…


I mean the little plastic case similar to gameboy game cases…



Actually, I think that is a Game Gear cartridge case… I don’t think anyone actually made a VB cart case, but I seem to remember someone saying that VB games fit in Game Gear cart cases.


Oh, so that’s why I couldn’t find any πŸ™‚

You sure it’s GG cases? I couldn’t find anything to back that up… And I don’t want to buy cases for nothing :-/



I heard that about GG cases, too. I don’t remember where, though. At first I thought DogP said that, but obviously not. ^_^

Well if you look really closely, I think you can sorta see a bubble in the case (at the bottom), which I seem to remember Game Gear cases having. I’ve got a GG w/ cases around here somewhere, I’ll have to check it out.



So I bought 10 Game Gear cases off of ebay and it seems like the only kind that fits vb games (withough the black security bottom) are the american-made versions of the cases. The Japanese are a bit too small… Just to let you know…

Now I’m stuck on 8 Japanese Game Gear cases, dammit πŸ™




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