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Thoughts, ideas, feature suggestions or anything else about PVB v3… Feel free to let us know πŸ™‚

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What’s up kr155e,
I noticed that when I enter the web address http://www.virtualboy.net into my browser I get a 404 ever since the launch of pvb3. Just thought I should tell you in case you did’nt know. Good job on the new site BTW.

Its either http://www.virtual-boy.net/ or http://www.virtual-boy.org/

…Do you own virtualboy.net KR155E? That 404 screen seems familiar, like the one I occasionally get from this site. Same provider? πŸ˜‰

freeze owned planetvb.com and virtualboy.net but could no longer afford them. so i am waiting until they expire so i can pick them up with our host. or can i already do it? i should check but always forget about it. ~_~

He could probably transfer his account to you, provided he’s willing to contact the provider about it.

A few site suggestions: (Apply to both PVB and 64DD.net)

* How about adding a preview button and/or smilies to the quick reply box? I always use that to make sure I didn’t screw stuff up. πŸ˜‰
* When you log in, how about having it redirect to the forum instead of the main page, as this is what people log in for anyway.

I’ll probably think of some more later. πŸ˜›

not bad ideas. unfortunately that’d require some hacks of the xoops system and forum module. and i don’t really want to do that if not really necessary to keep updates possible and simple. but keep the ideas coming ^_^

Any way for it to keep you logged in?


Another thing: a few weeks ago on both 64DD and PVB forums the ‘new post’ icon on threads started continuously showing all the threads/forums as unread, even those that are read/old.

Is this just me?

staying logged in would require a hack too. i am not even sure if one is available for this xoops version. hopefully this feature will be in a future release.

the new posts thing most likely happened after updating the board, happened to me too a few times…

The “Girl with VB” image from the patent is the same color as the text!!! I have to select the text to read posts! πŸ™

I like it as a background, but it really has too much contrast.

I have a similar problem.

Not with the background image, but with the whole red screen thing (not that I don’t like it ;-)).
During the daytime I have to select the text to be able to see it.

Same here… and when you’re typing the reply message, it’s kinda hard to read too πŸ˜› .


i also have that problem when the sun shines on the screen. have to see if i can change the colors to get more contrast. oh and i’ll make the background darker. maybe i should set up a second theme which is not red and black for those who have problems with the colors…
but first i want to finish what i am working on right now.


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